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How to integrate mental health in schools’ overall curriculum?

Schools can take the following measures to better address mental health by making it a central focus of the curriculum […]

Effect of social media on students’ mental health

Many students now spend significant amounts of time on social media, which can have both beneficial and bad consequences on […]

Impact of Covid-19 on students’ mental health and wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on kids’ emotional and psychological well-being in the classroom. Many schools have […]

Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health in schools

Reducing the negative stereotypes and discrimination that students face while discussing mental health is crucial to fostering a safe and […]

Accessibility to mental health in schools

Positive mental health in schools can be encouraged by providing kids with easy access to mental health resources. The following […]

How can teachers promote positive mental health?

Anxiety, sadness, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and eating disorders are among the most common forms of mental illness among students. […]

Role of Schools in promoting Mental Health

Students of all ages face challenges related to mental health. The role of schools in encouraging mental wellness and providing […]

Sick Care and Health Care

In terms of health and wellness management, “sick care” and “health care” are two whole distinct animals. “Sick care,” sometimes […]

Solar Health

When discussing the potential advantages of solar energy to the healthcare sector, we often talk about “solar health,” which is […]

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