How it all started

Dr. Mohamed El Sahili is an accomplished businessman and innovator in the medical field. He received his degree from Beirut Arab University and then went on to Geneva to study Anti-Aging Medicine.
After graduating with a degree in medicine, he joined the family business in Zambia and played a key role in establishing Medland Health Services, the parent company of Medland Hospital, from conceptualization to construction.
While the hospital was being built, Dr. El Sahili managed the other family enterprises, including Fairy Bottling Zambia. The firm's main products at the time were natural mineral waters and carbonated drinks. After implementing a company-wide business strategy, the firm rose to the ranks of the nation's top five. Dr. El Sahili managed the merger and acquisition negotiations that led to The Coca-Cola Company's complete acquisition of the company through CCBA.
The first patient was admitted to Medland Hospital in August of 2019. Then, just a few months later, the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the entire planet. Dr. El Sahili was at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic, and he was honored for his role in enacting a novel emergency plan that contributed to expanding the nation's capacity for screening, immunization, and treatment.

Covid-19: A turning Point

Dr. El Sahili launched a successful international initiative during the Covid-19 pandemic called Q-Medland. In fact, the Waterfalls Global Award and the UAE Community Service Medal were both bestowed upon him for the innovative techniques he employed. Q-HUB (an acronym for Quality Healthcare Unit and Beyond, pronounced as “Cube”) was created after the founder realized that the units were more than just places to receive medical care; they were also thriving community centers that provided locals with different forms of empowerment. Dr. El Sahili is optimistic that if this approach is successful elsewhere, it would help achieve other SDGs.

Dr. El Sahili expressed regret for his prior training that focused on Sick Care and vowed to shift his focus to patient care in the future. Based on the Triple W framework (Women and Youth Empowerment, Waste and Water Management, and Wellness and Health), he revised his Vision 853 concept. The three A’s of healthcare delivery should be accessibility, affordability, and agility.

This new approach to healthcare must incorporate a rigorous training program that ensures the retention of skilled local talents if it is to be successful. Therefore, resources have been allocated to support conferences and other educational initiatives that facilitate information exchange and encourage participants to deepen their dedication to the vision’s principles. The Medland Hospital has become famous for its Health Week, among other things.

The particular bespoke experience developed by Dr. Mohamed El Sahili at The Healthcare Studio in 2023 includes anti-aging services, hospitality services, and awareness training in a green setting. This idea, which is entering its last stages of development before rollout, is a concrete translation of Dr. El Sahili’s commitment towards health and climate and has the potential to revolutionize modern tourism.

What is next?

Dr. Mohamed El Sahili responds to the question of what comes next by saying, ``Our youth is next,`` and that among those youth are his own children, for whom we must ``curate a healthy, equal, and sustainable future.``


i- Board Member to Baobab College – Lusaka, Zambia
ii- Vice President and Board Member to the American Chamber of Commerce – Lusaka, Zambia
iii- Board Member to the Corporate Council on Africa – Washington D.C., USA
iv- Board Member to Access to Healthcare – Dubai, UAE
v- Country Representative to the African Business Roundtable – Abidjan, Ivory Coast
vi- Country Scout to Flying Doctors – Lagos, Nigeria
June 2014

Beirut Arab University

Anaesthesia and Reanimation Specialty

March 2013

Institut Médical de Champêl

Anti Aging Medicine: Providing and Supervising Anti Aging Programs

December 2011

American University of Beirut

ATLS: Management of Acute Trauma Cases

March 2011

E.W. Human Development Ltd.

Human Development Certificate: Dealing with Emotions

June 2010

Lebanese University

General Practitioner, M.D.: General Medicine

March 2008

American University of Beirut

Journalism Training Program: Public Health Coverage

July 1999

Rafic Hariri High School

Lebanese and French Baccalaureates


Care and Aim Network for Humanity, Lusaka



SECLARM, Switzerland

Middle East Official and Exclusive Representative


Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped, Beirut

Membership, Media, and PR Consultant





Kids First, Beirut



In partnership with UN Agency UNESCO INSAN, AIDS National Campaign

Concept Creation, Writer and Co-producer; In partnership with UN Agencies: UNDP, UNICEF, WHO, ILO, UNFPA, UNESCO, UNIC


Handicap International, Paris


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