Vision 8 5 3

Wellness and Health Chapter

Our goal in developing Vision 853 is to provide a course of action that can be implemented in the near to intermediate term. Achieving universal health care (UHC) that is both affordable and accessible should be the top priority.
Here are some key components of a reliable healthcare system:
• Funding
• Service Delivery
• Governance
• Regulation
• Performance accountability

One of the selected indicators for gauging whether or not the purpose has been successfully completed is the degree to which the organization is open with its stakeholders.
• Minimizing inequalities between demographics as much as possible to improve health.
• By sharing resources and risks mitigation, vulnerable populations (such as the poor, the marginalized, and the disabled) can be better protected.
• Macro-Managed, Micro-Targeting System

Covid-19 is both an opportunity and a fresh beginning or reset status. It makes possible the use of novel, resourceful, and environmentally friendly methods to achieve widespread safety.
Concurrent with the reorganization of public healthcare authority, the following issues must be addressed immediately:
• Evaluation of all medical centers thoroughly
i- Health care provision at several tiers (primary, secondary, and tertiary)
ii- where they are located (rural, urban, or suburban)
• Common Health Identifier Card Program
• Statistical examination (with a focus on noncommunicable diseases and their relationship to the Covid-19 curves)
• Online Repository of Resumes for All Healthcare Professionals
• Partnerships between the public and private sectors that have the potential to PPPPs
• Preparation for Central Laboratory Operations
• Clean, clear water that can be used to track the spread of disease.
• Local pharmaceutical sector empowerment
• Consolidation and takeover of privately owned infrastructure
• Investment from overseas in the healthcare sector in developing nations (both operationally and through the creation of medical tourism strategies)

There are three stages of measuring success with Vision 853:
• Year 1 to Year 3
• Year 4 to Year 5
• Year 6 to Year 8

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